sweet mary jane at indie beauty expo

This upcoming week will be Sweet Mary Jane’s third appearance at Indie Beauty Expo — the Dallas Show in May, NYC in August, and now taking the international voyage to Indie Beauty Expo London, held October 23-24.

Every different show has had its own different milieu and style and our experience at each has been extremely inspiring and enriching to the growth of our business.

At it’s core Indie Beauty Expo is a forum for independent beauty brands to showcase and exhibit their products. The Expo is a lot of of things to a lot of attendees–the exhibitors, the influencers, and potentially interested retailers, but its essence is to foster the success of independent beauty brands and entrepreneurs. Hosted by the Indie Beauty Media Group, the experience harkens publicity, buyer interest, and networking opportunities.

Each event we’ve attended has pushed forward the growth of our business in so many ways and we decided to commit to the Expo abroad due to the fact that CBD has just now become a burgeoning industry in Europe. With our past success at the Indie Beauty Expo and the nature of the newfangled interest and CBD craze abroad, we decided to take our made in Oklahoma luxury CBD skincare line to the UK.