I created this podcast very spontaneously right before Oklahoma passed #SQ788 allowing the medical use of marijuana in the state.The late Dr. Musallam was a firm believer that medical marijuana had a legitimate purpose in the practice of medicine, especially with the rampant and evolving misuse of opiods and other narcotics.

You can listen to the podcast here


Interview with my dad, days before Oklahoma State Question 788 was passed and made medical marijuana legal in the state of Oklahoma. I’m proud of my dad’s innovative visionary stance on the benefits of medical marijuana. My mom and dad started this business in 2018, and on November 25th, he was taken far too early and died of a heart attack. We lost our best friend, a state-of-the-art medical practicioner and a man that was truly a friend to all.

i am proud of the legacy you left behind, dad. the world isn’t as charmed without your unremittting joie de vivre. I’m broken hearted, we all are, but we’re not stopping here. With you here in spirit, we’re making the business we have originally envisioned.