About Us

Our mission is to fuse a superior CBD compound and luxury skincare to give you the premium product your body deserves. 
Our topical products are made in small batches, here in Oklahoma, Your good health is our goal and your satisfaction is our motivation.



Our tinctures contain less than .3% THC by law and are processed in a Denver Environmental Health Department compliant facility, for safety and purity. To ensure a high concentration of CBD in the oil, a specialized process is used to extract the compound. The oil contains other compounds like terpenes, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, and phytocannabinoids like cannabigerol, cannabichromene, cannabidivarian, and cannabinol. Our team of natural product developers and scientists craft a slow and gentle ethanol extraction to preserve the trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for the most natural and delicious tincture possible. we take pride in the quality, smell, and content of our product and we know you’ll love it too! Our Certificate of Analysis shows a very comprehensive and professionally investigated look into our CBD oil makeup.


As CBD has become more mainstream we thought that everyone deserved the highest quality product delivered in a thoughtful, luxurious way. We are the finicky people who are very dubious about what we put on our face and our bodies. We figured you would be top. So here it is…..CBD luxury. Enjoy

P.S. No bunnies were harmed in the making our our products.



Dr. Sam Musallam was a physician who believed in the power of CBD to ease pain, anxiety and help his patients sleep. In 2018 he started a small CBD company with ex- wife Dee Morales and together they searched for locally sourced products in small batches . Dee believed in beautiful delivery of CBD with her own quest for great skin products and attractive packaging. Together they formed Sweet Marty Jane.

Dr. Sam passed away before he ever saw the first product. Dee and his daughter Mallory are committed to fulfill the quest.

I’m Dee. Accidental sports producer and veteran of network news .

For the last twenty years I’ve been surrounded by men, out in the worst weather imaginable under the most soul snatching conditions at the most ungodly hours. Hurricanes, tornadoes, grizzly crime scenes. Been there. That’s because I’m a network freelance producer. Then I got switched to sports, locker rooms, on the fly interviews.

What did these things have in common? The lack of manly skin care products. After all bad weather and sweat take their toll, and I only had so much skin cream to hand out..

I’m Mallory

I grew up with a sports-crazed family and two brothers. When my friends began collecting designer bags I could collected spots stats. I went to NYU to be a sports reporter and ended up being a digital savant. I am obsessive about the gym and I notice a lot . Like the fact that men don’t like appying cream to their to  their bodies or bringing girlie looking things out of their gym bags.

We both got interested in CBD  learned about the benefits and worked with a local company to make our products. Products we think you will love. All our products  are locally sourced and clean. All of our products are made to honor the manly man.